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Consultations & Tips

Designing your cake: 

1.Regardless of the occasion, designing your cake should be fun for all involved! The possibilities are endless and our design team is available to help walk you through the process of creating the perfect cake for your wedding, birthday, baby shower, or any other fun occasion! It is helpful to know the number of guests, the event date, and a theme or basic design beforehand so that we can assist you as efficiently as possible! 

2.You can view a variety of different themes through our website, Facebook, and Instagram, although you are always welcome to supply our design team with a cake idea of your own and we will be more than happy to work with you to create the perfect cake! 

3.Our cakes can be modified to fit any occasion, and aspects from multiple different cakes can be combined to make the perfect, unique cake designed just for you! 

4.If you are ordering a wedding cake, please call ahead to make an appointment with our design team. For any other event, you are welcome to stop in at any time to place your order or give us a call at 440-526-0499 and we will assist you. 

Determining the size and price of your cake:

1.It can be challenging to determine what size cake you might need for your event. It will be helpful to know how many guests you are expecting prior to designing a cake, in order to gather the most accurate prices. Sheet cakes are a great way to add additional servings for accommodating a larger guest count. 

2.We offer a large selection of shapes and sizes that will give you a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the number of guests you are expecting. Simply click the “Menus” tab to view a variety of different cake menus that will help you to determine what cake size fits best with your event! 

3.The cakes on our website are all priced with specialty fillings; however, you may order a cake with buttercream filling which will lower the total cost of the order. The cake menu and pricing pages will help you to determine your total price - simply pick the size of the you cake you need, and add on the extras listed below your favorite cake design.

Pick-up and delivery:

1.Our multiple-tier wedding cakes can be delivered for a fee which varies depending on the location of the venue, although tiered cakes that serve less than 100 are required to be picked up.

2.At cake pick-up, please ensure that the individual handling the pick-up can provide the last name on the ticket as well as details about the order (i.e. size, theme, etc.). This will help us to find your order as efficiently as possible and guarantee that you receive all of the items that you ordered. 

3.The bakery is closed on Sundays, and all orders for Sunday events must be picked up the Saturday before.

4.If storing a cake overnight, we recommend that it be refrigerated. If the cake is iced in whipped cream, it cannot be left out overnight and must not be out of the refrigerator for more than 2 to 4 hours. If the cake is iced in buttercream, it is less fragile and can sit out in a cool, dark place, but it should still be refrigerated if possible (especially if it has a specialty filling). 

5.It is very important to leave enough room in your vehicle for cake pick-up. A majority of our cakes are packaged in large cardboard boxes, which take up a significant amount of room, so we recommend picking up your cake with an SUV or placing it in the most flat area of your car if you have a smaller vehicle. Do not place your cake on a seat without something underneath to ensure that it is level in the car, and it is highly recommended that the cake be transported in the trunk if possible. 

6.Our cakes are built to withstand normal driving conditions, but it is imperative that you drive with caution and do not make sudden turns or stops. We are not responsible for reckless driving. 

7.Please use the air conditioner to keep the cake cool, especially during the summer months. Do not leave the cake in a hot car or it will fall apart.

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