Strawberry Tier #63Characters (Strawberry Cafe Toy Discontinued)

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This cake made up of two tiers iced in buttercream and are capped with fondant. Fondant strawberry cut-outs are placed all around and make a perfect accent to the cake. The toy kit on top makes a great keepsake! This particular toy shown is discontinued but can be replaced with another Strawberry toy kit (see other photo).

 *Important Note: Strawberry Shortcake Cafe toy set has been DISCONTINUED but can be replaced with Strawberry Shortcake Best Friends toy set (see other photo). 

Sizes and pricing

25-35 Guests (9x6 Round Pictured)

Strawberry Shortcake Kit $12

Fondant Cap $10 Each

Fondant Cut-Outs $10

2 Plain Cupcakes $1.35 Each


Cake flavors are yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet.  Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse and lemon mousse.  Cream cheese is also a great filling for our red velvet cake.