Splish Splash #268Baby

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This two tier square is iced in blue buttercream puffy buttercream bubbles to look like a real bath tub! Dark blue fondant is wrapped around the edge with a beautiful large bow. The little ducks are handcrafted from fondant. Cupcakes were added for additional servings.

Sizes and pricing

30-40 Guests  9x6 Square (shown in photo)



Duck Cupcakes  $1.70 per cupcake 

Bows & Dots  $20

Ducks  $25 each

 Other Sizes Available:


40-55 Guests  10x7 Square  $225.30

75-90 Guests 12x8 Square  $290.30


Cake flavors are yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet.  Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse and lemon mousse.  Cream cheese is also a great filling for our red velvet cake.