Purple Dots #111Swirls

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This custom 8" round cake is iced in royal purple buttercream with coordinating buttercream polka dots all around. The number is written on the side in buttercream. Twelve matching cupcakes surround this cake for additional servings. The assorted candles are placed on top for a fun look.

Sizes and pricing

10-17 Guests  8" Round   (shown in photo)



Candles  $1.62

Cupcakes  $1.50 Each (12 cupcakes)

Other Sizes Available:

6-10 Guests  6" Round  $57.70

20-30 Guests  10" Round  $92.70

40-50 Guests  12" Round  $117.70



Cake flavors are yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet.  Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse and lemon mousse.  Cream cheese is also a great filling for our red velvet cake.