Baby Sports Dog #147Baby

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Welcoming a little one into a family of sports fans? We've got you covered with this adorable cake! The cake features many different unique details, including one hexagon-shaped tier, a quilted fondant board, fondant overlays on each tier, and an adorable bathtub as the top tier! The bottom two tiers are decorated with quilted fondant and handcrafted fondant sports gear, and the bathtub features a handmade fondant puppy taking a bath! Wow your guests with this amazing cake as your welcome your new little one into the world! 

Sizes and pricing

Total prices shown on buttercream-iced cakes include specialty fillings, although a buttercream filling in place of the specialty filling will lower the price of that cake. However, any cake iced in fondant includes a specialty filling in its price and will not decrease if buttercream filling is chosen. 

Most cakes can be adjusted in size in order to serve the correct number of guests. To see if the cake you are interested in is offered in another size not shown below, simply go to Cake Menus>>Cake Menu & Pricing, and refer to the appropriate menu. Once you have selected the best cake size for your event, take the price and add on the extras listed below to find your total.


Serves 80-90 Guests

12"Rnd x 9"Hex x 6"Rnd Custom 


Fondant Overlay & Bubbles: $25

Sports Equipment: $25

Dog and Bathtub: $40

Hexagon Tier: $10

Additional Sizes Available:

14"Rnd x 10"Hex x 6"Rnd Custom - Serves 110-125 Guests - $600

16"Rnd x 12"Hex x 8"Rnd Custom - Serves 160-175 Guests - $775



Cake flavors available include yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet. Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, and lemon mousse. Cream cheese filling is also a great addition to our red velvet cake.