Avenger Explosion #255Characters

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This two tier round is iced in blue buttercream and covered in fondant stars and then topped with an Avenger toy kit.  

*IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit has been discontinued, but can be replaced with another similar kit (see other photo). 

Sizes and pricing

Serves 25-35 Guests

9"x6" Custom Round 


Fondant Stars: $10

Avenger Toy Kit (subject to change): $12

Additional Sizes Available:

10"x7" Custom Round - Serves 35-45 Guests -$152

12"x8" Custom Round - Serves 65-75 Guests - $217 


Cake flavors available include yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet. Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, and lemon mousse. Cream cheese filling is also a great addition to our red velvet cake.