2016 Sangiovese Walla Walla Valley

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The Region

To experience Walla Walla Valley wine is to experience the beautiful oasis amidst the vast desert that rolls through Northwest America.  The sun-kissed valley and friendly local smiles are a vibrant reflection of both past and present, and the wine industry continues this rich legacy.  Vines planted here send their roots quite deep, producing grapes that are all at once pure, bright, and aromatic.

Walla Walla Valley

Walla Walla Valley is a beautiful oasis amid the vast desert that rolls across most of America’s northwest interior. The name Walla Walla means “many waters,” and it highlights the rivers and aquifers that provide so abundantly for those who discover this place.  The Walla Walla Balloon Stampede is the most iconic annual event in the valley.  The stampede brings hundreds of vibrant hot air balloons to the area. This festival is much beloved, drawing people from all over the globe to see this amazing display.


This Sangiovese from Walla Walla Valley features vibrant, black raspberry jam aromas combined with hints of spice, tobacco, and light oak flavors for moderate complexity, soft tannins and lasting notes of violet and chocolate.


Sangiovese is versatile, with many different interpretations that open up numerous opportunities for pairings.  Given it’s vibrant acidity and soft tannins this moderately complex wine pairs nicely with rare steaks, roasted game birds and wild boar.  Other delectables include rich chicken or mushroom dishes and tomato-based pastas. Grilled vegetables are a great pairing with this red too! Try a pizza with roasted veggies!