2017 Riesling Yakima Valley

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The Region

Meet the sunny slopes of Yakima Valley, Washington with this spectacular Riesling!  Long, sun-drenched days combined with cool evenings in this desert climate cultivate the perfect growing conditions for grapes of a complex nature. 

Yakima Valley

The valley offers a rich diversity of rugged hillsides and wetlands to yield bold, luscious, world-class vines.  There is a species of butterfly, the Coronis Fritillary, that migrates from the Yakima Valley to Mt. Rainier and back each year.  Beginning in mid-May, these butterflies follow the blooming plants of the shrub Steppe Habitat to the higher elevations.


Golden with crisp acidity, the 2017 Riesling features a delicate medley of green apple and sweet orange blossoms.  With faint perfumes of lemon and apricot, this is a straightforward and refreshing Riesling from the Yakima Valley.


Riesling has a brightness and balance that make it delicious with an astonishing range of foods.  They are especially delicious with foods that have "green" flavors, like lime, jalapeño and tomatillo. Their vibrant acidity and minerality can also be terrific with rich dishes flavored like beef curry.  In general, pair this light and crisp Riesling with delicate (or raw) fish, chicken or dished with an Asian flair.