Silver Cheetah Handbag #47Handbag

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This large handbag cake is hand painted with a silver and black cheetah print. Two lipsticks give this cake a pop of color and adds extra glamour. 

Sizes and pricing

Total price shown includes special fillings.  Purses are made with fondant icing and specialty filling. They include stitching on the fondant, stand up handles gems and initials on the side to portray a real designer bag. We cannot put designer logos on the cake. Extra charges apply for more ornate designs or gold painted items.

Handbags are made in two sizes.

 Small Purse Handle Down Serves 20-25 Guests   $115

Large Purse Handle Down (shown in photo)  Serves 40-50 Guests 


Cheetah Print  $10

Lipstick $5 each  


Cake flavors are yellow, white, chocolate, marble, and red velvet.  Our most popular specialty fillings are strawberry cassata, chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse and lemon mousse.  Cream cheese is also a great filling for our red velvet cake.